We offer two basic types:  In the first, we edit a manuscript that you provide, illustrating
key points covered in an introductory lecture.  Topics covered in the following 3
lectures include publishing strategies and manuscript organization - emphasizing the
outline and topic statement, transitions to link sentences and paragraphs, word usage,
and rhetorical strategies.  The manuscript that you provide is edited prior to the
workshop, free of charge, and is used during the workshop as a basis for the exercises.  
The second type of workshop is similar, but we lecture more while providing fewer


Our 60-90 minute lecture condenses the material covered in a typical full day
workshop.  This well-received lecture gives tips on writing, organizing, and submitting a
manuscript.  Journal selection, critical review, and selection of reviewers are also
covered. Now given over 30 times, this lecture is constantly updated with new ideas
raised in previous lectures and workshops. Ideal for busy researchers and doctors who
can not attend a workshop, or who just want to review the entire process.

Lectures and workshops are given on-site or by videoconferencing.

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Sponsor Access

We work with pharmaceutical companies, who serve as hosts for the workshop.  
Examples are given below.  If you would like to learn more about this possibility, please
contact us ( to obtain access to the sponsors
portion of the web site.