EurAsia Medical Writers

EurAsia Medical Writers offer a variety of services to assist both pharmaceutical
companies and individual investigators quickly and accurately prepare preclinical and
clinical trial results for publication or presentation.  

Writing Service

Our writing service assures that authors accurately present their work to a scientific
journal, conference, or audience.  Our experienced team quickly and efficiently
leverages your results to create a manuscript,
poster, or presentation with the highest
quality standards.

Lectures and Workshops

We offer both onsite and video training courses on medical and scientific writing.   We
have visited over 30 Universities and Hospitals in China and Taiwan.  Our half or full
workshops and 60-90 minute lectures are very popular.  We are committed to
education and offer a free 1-1.5 hour lecture on scientific writing.  This lecture features
important topics that typically are covered in greater detail in our workshops.  Please
contact us and we can arrange a time and date for an on site or live video presentation.
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October 31, 2009