About EurAsia Medical Writers
Director of Scientific Writing
Michael Leski received his Ph.D. from the University of
Michigan in 1993.  He has studied at The University of
Virginia, The University of Texas Medical Branch at
Galveston, and in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard
University.  He has taught at Shantou University in
Guangdong Province and given over 30 lectures and
workshops on Scientific Writing in China and Taiwan, thus,
he understands the challenges that ESL writers face when
attempting to publish in SCI journals.
Statistical Services
Nestor Rohowsky is the founder of IDCS, Inc. and our
principal statistical consultant.  He has more than 25 years
experience as a hands-on statistician, both as an employee
for a number of pharmaceutical companies and, since 1995,
as a consultant. During his career, Nestor has contributed to
nine submitted NDAs for Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal,
HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health, and Diabetes indications, eight
of which were approved by the FDA!  He has also
contributed to one approved application for a medical

Nestor earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from
New York University in 1979 and his Master’s in
Mathematics with a statistics concentration from Hunter
College of the City University of New York in 1981.  He
has written or contributed to a number of papers and
presentations on the subjects of statistical analysis, SAS
programming, and clinical study methods and results.

Email:  nr.idcsinc@gmail.com
Scientific Advisory Board
George Chen received his Ph.D. from the Graz University
of Technology in Graz, Austria in 1989.  He is currently  
Professor of Microbiology in the Department of Biological
Sciences and Biotechnology at Tsinghua University in
Beijing.  George has published over 130 articles in English
and 60 in Chinese.  He is on the editorial board for
Biomaterials, Asia-Pacific Biotech News, Chinese Journal
of Bioprocess Engineering, and Nikkei Biotechnology &
Business (生物技术产业:化学工业出版社), serves as the
Associate Editor-in-Chief for the Chinese Journal of
Biotechnology (生物工程学报), and as an editor for
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.  Visit his website: