Writing Services

In our initial discussion, we will determine the level of editing most appropriate for your
project based on the condition of the text, your budget, and schedule.  Based on this
conversation, we quote you a price for the service that your manuscript requires.    
Contact us for a quote.

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Areas of Expertise.

Brief descriptions of our services are listed below.  Note that most editing jobs contain
significant amounts of content editing.

Copy editing

A copy edit includes proofreading and also adds corrections for poor grammar, word
usage, capitalization, work breaks, tone and format. Redundancies are noted or
eliminated; wordy passages flagged or tightened; and any awkward, vague, or
confusing sentences identified or recast.  An hour of copy editing usually reviews 3 - 5
double-spaced pages.

Content editing

Content editing includes copy editing and adds solutions for problems of overall clarity
and accuracy.  Sections of the manuscript are rewritten, word choices refined, and
sections reorganized.  We provide an outline of your final manuscript.  An hour of
content editing usually reviews 2 - 3 double-spaced pages.

Posters and Slide Presentations

Posters and Slide Presentations are quickly assembled from your raw data.  We have a
variety of templates from which you may choose, or we will follow your suggestions.


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