Writing Resources
These sections of the website contain helpful tips for the writing process.

A Guide to Writing a Manuscript

In a series of pages, a step by step guide is presented for writing a manuscript.  A premium is placed on
speed, or saving your time, and many tips are included.  Outlining, linking sentences and paragraphs, and
word choices for the scientific manuscript are covered.  In addition, rhetorical strategies for argument and
persuasion are stressed.

Theory and Practice for Writing Scientific Manuscripts

These pages describe theoretical and practical concerns for publishing, including review articles, impact
factors, and journal selection.  Effective approaches for starting a difficult discussion are given.

Parts of a Manuscript

Reviewers expect you to place results in the Results section and discuss them in the discussion section.  
Learn more about the individual sections of a scientific manuscript.

Parts of Grammar

These pages offer supplementary material to the instructional pages.

Web-based Writing Resources

The Elements of Style
Access the electronic version of this classic writing guide for free!
Journal of Neuroscience
Several excellent web pages containing writing tips from the editors
New England Journal of Medicine
Writing tips for clinical reports
The Lancet
More writing tips for clinical reports
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Features of this site include links to:
-Scientific Journals on-line
-Collections of World Wide Web Resources for the Biomedical Researcher
-Clinical/Medical Resources
World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)
Guidelines and suggestions from Journal Editors for publishing scientific manuscripts
20 Common Errors
An excellent web resource for writing tips
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Numerous excellent writing tips
Many useful translational devices (English-Chinese, for example)

Other Useful Links

Journal of the Formosan Medical Association