Testimonials about Previous Workshops and Lectures

Dear Mike,

Your presentations and instructions of “How to Write English Medical Papers?” on
June 18 [2005] were very much well received and indeed quite successful.  The
audience on that day was one of the biggest turnouts I have ever seen at this institution.  
We have even made DVD discs which were distributed to hundreds of people.  I wish
that you could come back again some day.

Shoei (Steve) K. Stephen Huang, M.D., FACC, FAHA, FACP
Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Dean, College of Medicine
China Medical University
Vice Superintendent
China Medical University Hospital
Taichung, Taiwan

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for your wonderful talk at our hospital.  I think your talk was the
best talk I've ever listened to in the field.  I really learned something from your lecture.  
I'll change my writing habit and get more efficient work.  I've written the summary notes
from your talk and posted on our website.  Thanks again.

Best regards

Gregory J. Tsay, M.D., Ph.D
Vice-superintendent Chang Shan Medical University Hospital and Director, Institute of
Chung Shan Medical University
Taichung, Taiwan

Dear Mike,

After you left, a lot of people asked how did I arrange your visit?  Well, I think we are
very lucky.  They could not stop to love your speech.  Our acting director said you have
set a standard for future speech regarding scientific writing.

Yours sincerely,

Hsing-Kuo (Leo) Wang, MD
Assistant Professor
Institute and School of Physical Therapy
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan