Theory and Practice for Writing Scientific Manuscripts

  •  Writing Strategies
  •  How to Read and Use Review Articles
  •  Impact Factors and Career Advancement
  •  Journal Selection - Before and After You Write!
  •  Manuscript Submission and the Review Process

Creating a scientific manuscript requires more than basic writing skills.  Rhetoric and other strategies are as
important as the writing process itself.  For example, the tone of the first paragraph of your discussion may
influence readers and reviewers or set the stage for the remainder of the discussion, making it easier to read as
well as write.  After you have completed your manuscript, it must be submitted to the proper journal - and this
should be considered before you start writing.  In addition, journal selection is dependent upon the quality of your
work, but there are other factors to consider than the traditional impact factor.  These topics are treated in detail
in this section - Theory and Practice for Writing Scientific Manuscripts.

Read this section before you begin to write and then again after you do, because the tips contained in these pages
help both your writing and submission efforts.
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