Preparing Manuscripts for Submission

  •   Pay Close Attention to Spelling, Grammar,
and Punctuation
  •   Make sure References are Comprehensive
and Accurate
  •   Read and Conform to “Instructions for Authors”
  •   Know the Journal, Editor, and Why You Submitted Your Paper to this Journal

Review Your Manuscript

  •   Is the paper too long? (Probably!)
  •   Is the paper well organized?
  •   Are the design and analysis sound?
  •   Do the results support the conclusions?
  •   Are all relevant references cited?
  •   Are all the Tables and Figures necessary?
  •   Are the Title and Abstract fully descriptive of the text?

Manuscript Submission Checklist

  •   Each journal is different
  •   Obtain checklist from the journal home page
  •   Make absolutely certain you follow these!
  •   Prepare manuscript package to mail yourself!
  •   Do not rely on a secretary or other staff member
- Recipe for disaster

The Cover Letter

  •   Provide a letter to the editor to accompany any submitted manuscript
  •   Provide a synopsis of the major findings of the study and their significance to the readers of the journal
  •   Should contain a list of suggested reviewers

Download the example cover letter.


Editor-in-Chief: D. Cunning
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology
Springer-Verlag, New York

April 10, 2005

Dear Dr. Cunning,

Enclosed please find a manuscript that we wish to submit for possible publication in your journal as an original
research work. The title of our manuscript is:  Preventing the blockage of arteriovenous fistula using electronic
radiotherapy (RT) in patients with end-stage renal disease – towards a more precise RT dosage guideline.

The following explains why our study is significant. Although most of the hundreds of thousands of end-stage renal
disease (ESRD) patients require dialysis, up to ½ who have an arteriovenous graft for hemodialysis access
develop intimal proliferation which blocks the blood vessel. Since proliferating cells have a higher sensitivity to
radiation, and studies have shown that radiation may extend vascular access up to 3 years, we investigated and
determined parameters that should optimize radiotherapy (RT). Our findings will now provide reference data
which will help prevent arteriovenous fistula blockage and provide a more precise dosage guideline for electronic
RT, especially when the treatment focus is small areas in the skin or the neck and head region.

Thank you for considering our manuscript.


Guochuan Tsai, MD., PhD.
Department of Radiation Therapy
Taipei Memorial Hospital.
No.95, Wulai Road,
Taipei, Taiwan.
Telephone: (02) 9999999 ext.999
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