Argument Strategies

Occasionally, someone asks if contrasting or conflicting literature reports require reference or comment.  The
answer is yes, if these are important publications.  Others that read your work surely know the literature, and
will recognize when you avoid certain references, especially significant reports.  Better to address them in
your manuscript and tell the reader why your stance is correct.

There are two strategies to argue your position, depending on the strength of your 'opponents' position.  If the
other author has a strong argument, attack it first, and then explain why your position is superior.  After
reading two similar arguments in succession, people will generally favor the second.  Additionally, you need to
continue your discussion, linking the current paragraph to the next, and when you first explain your position,
and then discuss opponent's position, you must return to your own argument to make a connection in your
essay.  By awkwardly framing your opponents position with your own, your writing appears tenuous, lacking
confidence.  In regards to the second argument strategy, where your opponent's argument is weak, you might
mention it using merely a sentence or two somewhere in the middle of your discussion.
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