Title of a Scientific Manuscript

  •  Must Accurately and Honestly Describe Your Paper
  •  Get Reader’s Attention
  •  Concisely State the Major Finding or Briefly Describe the Study

A good Title accurately describes the contents of the manuscript in the fewest possible words.  Avoid long or
complete sentences, and avoid titles that begin with:
“Studies on….”
“Characterization of ….”
“Observations on….”
“Investigations into….”
Think of a specific biological question that your study addresses.  Do not use abbreviations in the Title, although
common ones are acceptable, such as DNA, RNA, DNase, ATP, and NMR.  Avoid jargon (the specialized or
technical language of a profession.)  And avoid the term “novel”, as all research is “novel”, otherwise there is no
point in doing it!

Keep in mind that the tired reader who finds 200 articles listed in his Medline search is not going to search
through your abstract for important information.  
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