Sections of a Scientific Manuscript

  • Reviewers Expect a Well-organized Paper
  • Readers Expect Messages in Certain Locations
  • Knowing What Goes Where Makes Your Job Easier                                    

Reviewers and readers expect to find certain information at specific locations within the manuscript.  Reviewers
will tell you to move incorrectly positioned items, such as a result placed in the Methods.  The reader who does
not find your topic statement at the end of a discussion or introduction section is not about to search the remainder
of the manuscript, they will probably move on to another paper.  Knowing what to write in each section makes
your job much easier.  Plus, you can expect more readers if the Title is attractive and the abstract is informative.

The following pages describe the sections of a typical scientific manuscript.  Case reports are considered in an
additional series of pages.
Information is
interpreted more
easily and more
uniformly if it is
placed where most
readers expect to find
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