Discussion Section for a Scientific Manuscript

  •  Interpret Your Results
  •  Answers Your Hypothesis
  •  Sets the Stage for Your Future Research (and Grants?)                                        

Write the Discussion using active tense wherever possible, because the reader learns of your ideas for the first
time.  Do not reiterate your results at length.  Rather, tell the reader how you interpret them.  Avoid wild
speculation.  You always discuss your Results, therefore each speculative comment must directly relate to a
result.  Similarly, statements regarding other investigators' work must cite that literature reference.  This is why the
references carry significant weight in the reviewer's mind.  In general, tell the reader how your findings contribute
to the field.

Common ways of concluding include:  Pose new questions which are raised by your findings, tell the reader how
you are pursuing the story, and restate the major finding of the study and its broader implication.
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