Abstract for a Scientific Manuscript

  •   The First (and Often the Only) Part of the Paper People Read
  •   Accessible Electronically
- Medline
- Internet
  •   The First Part of the Paper that Journal Editors Review

The Abstract should briefly summarize your paper, including how you performed the work.  State the impact of
your work in the last sentence (Topic Statement.)  Remember, people associate good science with good writing,
so keep focused on one idea or purpose, writing without jargon or excessive abbreviations.  The abstract should
be understandable after a single reading even to someone unfamiliar with your work.

First, introduce the topic of your study in 1-2 sentences.  Next, how was this problem addressed?  Briefly
describe how you performed the work, noting interesting new methods, transgenic animals, etc.  Next, summarize
the results, describing the most significant in more detail.  A helpful guide is the figures and tables.  Finally, state
the significance of the study or the impact of your work in the last sentence.
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