Link Sentences and Paragraphs

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Why link sentences and paragraphs?

Sentences are linked to form paragraphs, which are linked to form the essay that is the introduction or discussion
section. Cohesive writing contains sentences logically arranged, allowing the reader to immediately grasp the
intended meaning.  The writer guides the reader using key words at the beginning of each sentence, which often
influence the reader's thinking.  Certain words alert the reader how the new sentence relates to the preceding
sentence.  These help the reader to quickly grasp the exact meaning of each sentence.  If the reader does not, he
must pause and think about the sentence.  In this time, the reader may lose interest in the work, or the reader may
interpret the writing in a different manner than the author intended and ultimately arrive at a different conclusion.  
To avoid these possibilities, link sentences using precise transitional words and phrases.

The next four sections list words and techniques to link sentences.
Link Sentences and

Transitional Words and
Rearrange sentences
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